Life and Business Coach
Empowering high-achievers to create a life by design, with purpose.

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Empowering goal-getters to create a life by design, with purpose.

I support clients to break through overwhelm and self-doubt from the pressures of life and work, so that they can live happier, more fulfilled lives without burning out.

Providing straight-talking, simple self-development, without the fluff!

Life and business coach

Puja McClymont


My coaching practice takes a ‘wholelistic’ view of your life. By understanding what you are doing and why you are doing it, we will be able to uncover how to re-focus your attention on what matters to you, so that you can achieve your personal and professional goals with more clarity and direction.

This can be anything from limiting beliefs that haven’t been addressed, losing focus, feeling exhausted, inner-critic/ negative self-talk, the pressure of comparison or your own standards and expectations. Whatever the challenge is that holds you back, we will uncover it and work through managing it or removing it completely. You will do this through a variety of exercises both from me and through what you discover yourself as you start enhancing your mindset.

The aim of my work is to fully support you, help you to feel empowered by your life and the decisions you make as well as maintain a good sense of wellbeing so that you do not burnout in the process.

I provide a simple approach to coaching that is straight-talking, compassionate, results-driven and professional. Together we will create your life by design, with purpose, by taking the best of you, further.

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Life Coaching Services 

Adam S.

I wanted help with working on being constantly tired and looking for the opportunity to step out of the grind to make some big impacts. I enjoyed learning about breakfast, something I was previously too busy to do! I was impressed by how much I learnt about being able to better manage my time, cut down on distractions, and do the things that actually matter. My biggest achievement since coaching with Puja is that the business has grown, we’ve taken on new staff and I’ve had time to put together a business strategy for the next 9 months that excites me. Also, it’s not just about the coaching, I learnt a lot about running and marketing a business from Puja too.

"Before I started life coaching, I was constantly busy meeting the baseline that my company required to operate, whereas I wanted to be in a position to make the big changes that excite me and lead to growth."

Kind Words

Adrian S

We’ve worked with Puja a few times. Most recently with a change in structure that required buy-in from all employees. We hosted 4 workshops to help with the transition scoping stress management and productivity. She helped us make the transition and support our teams with some great tools!

"Knows what she's doing and really cares."

Kind Words


I needed to tap back into my confidence, self belief, creativity as well as release blocks without feeling under pressure. Puja’s approach was so adaptable. I felt comfortable to explore every session in my way and still felt challenged and enlightened. I had no idea that I would feel so driven after each session. Puja’s capacity to envelope my journey with such care and attention was really impressive.

"Things were cloudy and out of focus – confusion is the best way to describe my mindset before working with Puja as my Life Coach."

Kind Words


The Self Care 101 Podcast provides a glimpse into Puja’s coaching style with a variety of topics for you to explore that can help you create a more meaningful life.

Self Care 101 is a conversational show with inspiring interviews, that offers practical tips to help you achieve your full potential with effective self-care.

New episodes every Wednesday. 

Finding the right Life Coach for you is essential to your success.

Self Care 101 Podcast


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