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Thanks for being here, I’m Puja and my work is about helping you to feel empowered by knowing that you are of value so that you can connect deeply with your self-worth and have what you deserve in love, life and work.

I provide intuitive, straight-talking simple self-development that is a comfortable balance between the scientific and the spiritual, with a conscious connection to mind, body and soul. 


Puja McClymont

I support womxn to understand their value and connect their truth with who they are today so that they are more confident, more in control and more fulfilled by their personal and professional lives.

Through this work you will confidently step into your truth - who you really are - and align with your inner-most happiness.

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Create a life by design, with purpose by embodying your own self-worth.

"You deserve to be strong and empowered in yourself with genuine confidence. To be able to trust that whatever you want is possible and that whatever you set your mind to, you will achieve. To feel the joy of the present moment and to be proud of your life." - Me

Naomi w.
NW Communications

Puja is an incredible coach and a huge support to me, someone who I really admire for going against the grain and being bold enough to do things differently.

She has a warm, generous spirit which is evident by the care and attention she gives, plus a great sense of humour!

"A straight-talking rebel!"

Kind Words

Michelle g.

I attended Puja's session on self love. I wasn't sure what to expect but found Puja warm and welcoming. Throughout the session there were little activities that we did individually and were able to share our thoughts with the rest of the group if we wanted to. Puja was really skilled at articulating the journey of self love and encouraging everyone so that we all got as much as we could out of the session. 

"The sessions provided lots of enlightenment.."

Kind Words


I needed to tap back into my confidence, self belief, creativity as well as release blocks without feeling under pressure. I felt comfortable to explore every session in my way and still felt challenged and enlightened. I had no idea that I would feel so driven after each session. Puja’s capacity to envelope my journey with such care and attention was really impressive.

"Things were cloudy and out of focus before Puja became my Life Coach."

Kind Words


The Self Care 101 Podcast provides a glimpse into Puja’s coaching style. This show provides simple self-development, for the empowerment of creating a life by design, with purpose.

In season 1, explore a variety of topics that can help you create a more meaningful life with practical tips for effective self-care. 

In season 2, explore topics deeper whilst connecting to your self-worth and develop mastery in all that you do.

Finding the right Life Coach for you is essential to your success.

Self Care 101 Podcast


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