Are you a change-maker?

I consider a change-maker to be someone who wants to make a difference by being brilliant at what they do and how they live.

Whether that's through their individual impact or on a wider scale, I will support you to do big things with your work and personal life!

Coaching for change-makers

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To make an impact in the world, you need to dream big but this isn't easy.

People around you won't understand your ambitions and will lead you to doubt yourself.

You'll lose motivation and resign yourself to playing it 'safe' with your work and personal life which will leave you feeling unfulfilled.

But what if you could do what you want, how you want? What would that feel like?

Through coaching, I will help you to build your self-worth, confidence and resilience. By challenging you, I will support your ambitions so that your goals are successful. Within the process, I will help you to ensure optimal wellbeing so that you are focussed, have the energy to win and enjoy the process too.

It all starts with an informal chat to see if we're a good fit for each other and if you're ready to make your impact.

"The aim of my work is to stop you being stuck and start moving you forward with my full support so that you achieve your ambitions and live a successful & fulfilling life.”

who you are

Is coaching for you?

you are someone who:

Wants more from their life

Has skills that are being unused

Is at a crossroads

Feels frustrated often

Wants more purpose

Is determined to succeed

Is ready for financial freedom

Inspires and encourages others

Is willing to grow

Wants to live an extraordinary life


Clarity and direction

Overwhelm & frustration

Asking for help

What other people think

High expectations/ Perfectionism

Managing your wellbeing

Fearing Failure


Stress & Anxiety

Being true to yourself

The Benefits

  • Create a clear vision and focus for your life and work to propel you forward
  • Be authentic to yourself by not letting the rules and expectations of others hold you back
  • Develop resilience by cultivating your purpose and confidence
  • Strengthen your mindset by growing your self-awareness
  • Create work-life harmony that suits your life and needs

Results you can expect include:

  • Be more productive in less time by overcoming unhelpful behaviours 
  • Develop and live your passions by focussing on what you want
  • Accelerate your goals by taking aligned actions towards the life you’re creating
  • Tools, resources and plans to ensure you thrive in the months ahead
  • Cultivate a sustainable and effective life and work plan 

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please see faqs for payment information

From £2500 for 6 month coaching programme

Ideal for those who are ready to make an impact in their work and personal lives and have specific goals.

Bi-weekly 60 minute 1:1 online calls, all tools and resources and private access for support in between calls.

From £3,000 for wellness retreat + 6 months 1:1 coaching

The ultimate reset for those who want to dive deep and are ready for long-term success.

PLUS bi-weekly 60 minute 1:1 online calls, all tools and resources and private access for support in between calls.



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Stephen L.
Founder & director

I have suffered from severe anxiety. As a business owner In the hospitality industry, I'm subject to ongoing and relentless pressure which can often trigger an attack. The work which Puja has done with me has enabled me to recognise triggers, and given me the tools I need to be able to rationalise situations, and carefully navigate solutions without getting overwhelmed.

Her coaching and support have got me through some of my most difficult times both personally and professionally as well as also celebrating the wins. Puja has vast knowledge and experience and knows what she is talking about. 

"I can not recommend Puja enough to anyone who is looking for some help in un-tapping their full potential."

Kind words


Puja is an incredible business coach and a huge support to me, someone who I really admire for going against the grain and being bold enough to do things differently.

She has a warm, generous spirit which is evident by the care and attention she gives, plus a great sense of humour!

"A straight-talking rebel!"

Kind words

founder, ceo

I wanted help with working on being constantly tired and looking for the opportunity to step out of the grind to make some big impacts. I was impressed by how much I learnt about being able to better manage my time, cut down on distractions, and do the things that actually matter. My biggest achievement since coaching with Puja is that the business has grown, we’ve taken on new staff and I’ve had time to put together a business strategy for the next 9 months that excites me. Also, it’s not just about the coaching, I learnt a lot about running and marketing a business from Puja too.

"Before I started life coaching, I was constantly busy meeting the baseline that my company required to operate, whereas I wanted to be in a position to make the big changes that excite me and lead to growth."

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Next Steps

LIFE and business COACHING

One of the main benefits of being the leader of your own life is creating the freedom to do what you want. You'll create extraordinary experiences by doing what matters and inspires you. Your life and work will have impact and become so much more fulfilling.

Book a free, no obligation call with me today and let's talk about your goals. This is your chance to ask me any questions about the process and for us both to decide if we're a good fit for each other.



“The swiftest way to triple your success is to double your investment in personal development.”