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Whether you’re looking to level-up your professional skills, improve your wellbeing or make a profound change in your life, through my proven transformational strategies, I’ll help you to overcome your challenges by exploring the deeper aspects of your psyche for powerful personal & professional growth; which will expand your mindset so that you can achieve true meaningful success.

Unique Methodology

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Most of my clients are high-achievers, in senior leadership roles or are business owners. They excel in their conventional success like strategic thinking, decision-making and achieving tangible goals. However, they often reach a disconnect between what they do for a living and how they’re experiencing fulfilment in their lives.

We live in a world that prioritises external success and material achievements but in order to create more balance, we need an approach to success that cultivates self-awareness, ethical decision-making, compassion, visionary thinking and resilience for both ourselves and others.

If you’re ready to level-up by experiencing profound and meaningful success in your personal and professional life, we should have a conversation.

"By integrating spiritual principles into our growth journey, we ignite a transformational force that not only uplifts those around us but also nourishes our own soul."

- Puja McClymont

The Results

Heightened Self-Awareness: Become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and patterns that influence how you approach your work and personal life. This increased self-awareness allows you to make conscious choices and decisions aligned with your values and aspirations.

Clarity of Purpose and Direction: You'll gain a clearer sense of what truly matters to you and how to live and work with purpose and meaning. This alignment leads to a greater sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

Healing and Inner Transformation: As you let go of what no longer serves you and embrace new ways of being you'll align with your authentic Self which leads to better decision-making and compassionate leadership of your life and the lives of others.

Deepened Spiritual Connection: By exploring your spiritual beliefs, engaging in spiritual practices and developing a stronger sense of connection to something greater than yourself. This connection brings a sense of peace, purpose and inspiration to your life which inspires others as well.

Enhanced Well-Being and Resilience: Clients often experience an improvement in their overall well-being, both mentally and emotionally. You'll develop self-care practices, cultivate mindfulness and learn tools to manage stress and adversity. This leads to increased resilience, inner peace and a greater ability to navigate challenges with grace and equanimity.

Coaching Programmes

30 day reset

Re-discover who you’re meant to be and re-connect to what you’re meant to do. 6 week programme includes 6x 1:1 sessions and a workbook.

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reset & reconnect

6 months of private coaching. This programme includes the 30 Day Reset plus 9 sessions one-on-one to elevate your awareness and achieve your goals.

frankly unstoppable

Retreat + 6 months private coaching.
Unlock your true potential for success in your work and personal life through a week long retreat & coaching.

investment from £3800

investment £1800

These programme options are a guide to how we can work together.
We can also create a bespoke programme tailored your needs and aspirations. 

To discuss which programme will be your best option, please book a call with me below.

investment £550

Life Coach

Puja McClymont is a highly sought-after intuitive life coach, dedicated to supporting individuals in expanding their true potential for success - one that's filled with meaning and impact.

Drawing from her extensive training in psychology, transformational coaching, mindfulness, energy healing and meditation, Puja seamlessly integrates both ancient and modern wisdom into her coaching approach.

Her unique methodology enables highly effective and sustainable results for profound personal and professional success.

puja k mcclymont


puja k mcclymont

"True leadership blossoms when we embrace spirituality as a guiding light."

ana or.
travel blogger

"I chose to work with Puja because I liked her coaching style – she’s very good at understanding who you are and your life’s challenges as well as identifying your strengths, even when you don’t feel like you have any. A lot of the work we have done has been based around my anxiety and developing techniques to manage it.  I’m someone who doesn’t shy away from investing in the help that I need and although I wasn’t sure what I actually needed help with at each session, the hour unfolded easily and we were soon working through things that I may not have realised were troubling me.

Client Testimonial

cloe mp.
early years teacher

I was looking to understand and conduct myself better in life for the goals such as achieving a more desirable weight and being able to let go of the negative self-talk and thoughts I had so often experienced. What I enjoyed about working with Puja is that she challenged me to think about my problems from a different perspective and to understand how I can overcome them. She helps you to look into things that could usually be overlooked, accidentally or because you are tying to avoid the consequences (like me!) I was so impressed with how far I had come with Puja’s support from a very self-critical individual to someone who believes in themselves with confidence! I now believe that anything is possible if I put my mind to it. 

Client Testimonial

Alex b.
QX Engineer

The first time I met Puja, before signing up to her coaching, she immediately made me feel at ease. She was able to spot the confidence within me and help bring it to the surface, helping me open up to the wider group we were with at the time. I was at a very low point due to the end of a life-changing relationship, and she helped me to focus and calm my thoughts through a variety of techniques that I will continue to use in my life going forwards. This was supported by her undeniable ability to find the root of what I’m saying/feeling and present it back to me, for us to work through together. Its not always been easy, but at all times I’ve felt fully supported, and I would highly recommend Puja’s services to anyone looking for help.

Client Testimonial


I needed to tap back into my confidence, self belief, creativity as well as release blocks without feeling under pressure. I felt comfortable to explore every session in my way and still felt challenged and enlightened. I had no idea that I would feel so driven after each session. Puja’s capacity to envelope my journey with such care and attention was really impressive.

"Things were cloudy and out of focus before Puja became my Life Coach."

Client Testimonial

Naomi w.
NW Communications

Puja is an incredible coach and a huge support to me, someone who I really admire for going against the grain and being bold enough to do things differently.

She has a warm, generous spirit which is evident by the care and attention she gives, plus a great sense of humour!

"A straight-talking rebel!"

Client Testimonial


I wanted help with working on being constantly tired and looking for the opportunity to step out of the grind to make some big impacts. I enjoyed learning about breakfast, something I was previously too busy to do! I was impressed by how much I learnt about being able to better manage my time, cut down on distractions, and do the things that actually matter. My biggest achievement since coaching with Puja is that the business has grown, we’ve taken on new staff and I’ve had time to put together a business strategy for the next 9 months that excites me. Also, it’s not just about the coaching, I learnt a lot about running and marketing a business from Puja too.

Client Testimonial

Bryony G.
natwest markets

Attending the retreat allowed me the chance to just be me, be true and honest. The group coaching was the thing I was most worried about as I'm not very good at talking about my feelings with the people closest to me let alone people I'd just met. Puja had a way of putting me at ease - I felt safe, un-judged and supported. The coaching sessions were challenging (some more than others) but actually being in a group was so much more rewarding than being on my own as I realised everyone else had their own s*** going on and it was easier to be open when everyone else was to.
Thank you for being there at a time when I needed you more than I realised. Your wisdom, challenge, love and encouragement to be a better person will stay with me always. Keep doing what you are doing because you are fab at it!

Client Testimonial


I don’t think I can fully articulate just how grateful I am to have met you this year and how much you have supported and guided me over the last 7 months. My life has truly changed for the better and I wouldn’t have been able to make those changes without you. You have shown me how to recognise all my qualities and abilities both professionally and personally which has given me so much more confidence and belief in myself! 

"Thank you for the most incredible experience coaching with you."

Client Testimonial


My husband suffers from severe anxiety. As a business owner In the hospitality industry, he is subject to ongoing and relentless pressure which can often trigger an attack. The work which Puja has done with him has enabled him to recognise triggers, and given him the tools he needs to be able to rationalise situations, and carefully navigate solutions without getting overwhelmed.
Her coaching and support have got me through some of my most difficult times both personally and professionally as well as also celebrating the wins. Puja has vast knowledge and experience and knows what she is talking about. I would love to recommend Puja. Get in touch with her!

Client Testimonial


I felt comfortable to open up and felt trusted from the outset. If you're looking to grow yourself and your mindset, Puja is a wonderful coach to work with.

The idea of carving some time for myself without feeling any guilt was very appealing - as was taking some time to actually think and ponder about issues I was facing. I really appreciate Puja's ‘no nonsense’ approach.

"More mindful, back on course!"

Client Testimonial

Michelle g.

I attended Puja's session on self love. I wasn't sure what to expect but found Puja warm and welcoming. Throughout the session there were little activities that we did individually and were able to share our thoughts with the rest of the group if we wanted to. Puja was really skilled at articulating the journey of self love and encouraging everyone so that we all got as much as we could out of the session. 

"The sessions provided lots of enlightenment.."

Client Testimonial