More than a motivational speaker, my talks and workshops offer a practical experience so that each attendee moves forward with their goals.

The experiences are inspiring, motivating and support personal and professional growth and wellbeing.

Coaching Talks & Workshops

Motivational Speaker

We can work together for your event or employee wellbeing programme to host talks and workshops on various topics within self-development and professional growth.

I have put together classes of popular personal development topics that I deliver as part of employee wellbeing programmes or they can be used as standalone talks and workshops.

Alternatively, we can work together to create a series of bespoke talks and workshops for your employee wellbeing programme or events.

I also provide solutions for leadership development through coaching that helps to create effective leaders aligned with company and employee goals & culture.

Just like with personal coaching, the best way to know if we are a good fit is to schedule a call to discuss your objectives further or email me here. View some company testimonials below.

Coaching Talks and Workshops

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courtney jane-griffiths, the allbright

"That was very good – everyone loved it. Thank you! Such fabulous feedback."

"We loved the session so much."

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"That was fantastic! My favourite thing you said was, "you have already achieved what you achieved because you were focused. SO use that moving forwards! You speak so clearly, and authentically!"

"Thank you - to the point! Great for re-alignment at the start of the year!"

"Thank you! looking forward to the next one. Written down the Delegation Boundaries and Distraction tip!"


"Working with Puja has been fantastic. She is a personable, dedicated and motivated coach, who truly understands the modern working landscape and changes that need to be made for employees to make the most of their potential. Puja coached 10 of our employees at our company Me:Mo – a digital restaurant agency, each with very different personalities and challenges, and all members of the team left feeling both inspired and motivated."

"A personable, dedicated and motivated coach."

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Adrian S, BMW

"We’ve worked with Puja a few times. Most recently with a change in structure that required buy-in from all employees. She helped us make the transition and support our teams with some great tools!"

"Knows what she's doing and really cares"

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Andrea, st john's hotel & suites

Thank you very much for your ideas and your inputs, I really do appreciate it . I like to meet shiny, honest and special people, who are rare enough. Your support with our team has helped everyone stay motivated and inspired by taking time for themselves.

"Delighted to meet and
get insight"

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Hire me as a motivational speaker for your next event. All of my talks offer a practical experience so that attendees get the most out of their time.

Choose from one of the popular topics below. Alternatively, we can create a bespoke talk to suit your needs and goals.

View sample talks and attendee feedback below.

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Sample Talks

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It's important to set goals, they provide structure, purpose and direction for our lives but how can you set goals when you don't know which to do?

In this class, I will show you how to figure out what you'd like to work on and how you can do it so that you can be more focussed and excited about your personal and professional goals again.


Feeling a bit down about those extra pounds? Want to feel more confident? Are there things you'd like to do but self-doubt gets in the way?

This NLP-led class (Neuro-Linguistic Programming focusses on mindset) will help you improve your thinking habits towards yourself so that you can build your self-esteem back up and have you feeling fabulous again.


Too much overthinking leads us into procrastination, negative self-talk and not getting things done. It stops us from focussing on our goals, making us feel unhappy.

In this class, we will address what might be causing your overthinking and create ways to help you manage it more easily in your day-to-day life. So that you can live and work more confidently.


As a working mum, putting your needs first will ultimately lead you to feel less guilt, manage your stress better and be more confident in your abilities as a mum as well as a human being in your own right! 

In this class, I will carve out how you can put yourself first more consistently so that you are able to provide the parenting you want whilst meeting your needs.


Having a positive mindset is often confused with toxic positivity - the latter is very harmful. A positive mindset is about building resilience and being more compassionate towards yourself & others. 

In this class, I will share techniques that will help you enhance your mindset so that you can more easily re-frame your negative thoughts, actions and experiences.


There are a number of ways to manage anxiety, the best of those are through counselling and relaxation techniques such as meditation but there's also mindset.

In this class we will look at how NLP can help anxiety, identify triggers and create potential solutions to help you feel better. N.B This class is not suitable for those with chronic anxiety.


Have you been living a life where you need to have the perfect job, partner, house, kids, friends, social life - often, by a certain age? 

This class aims to help you create a more ‘good enough’ attitude to perfection, so that you can feel more calm and in control of what matters and what is truly of importance in your life.


As adults, it can be hard to define what we like to do in our spare time beyond socialising.

In this class, I'm going to show you how to find hobbies, some powerful techniques you can use to discover your passions and key questions to ask yourself before you choose the right wellbeing therapies for your needs.

Michelle g

I recently attended Puja's session on self love. I wasn't sure what to expect but found Puja warm and welcoming. Throughout the session there were little activities that we did individually and were able to share our thoughts with the rest of the group if we wanted to. The session provided lots of enlightenment and gave me a clearer idea of where I can progress. Puja was really skilled at articulating the journey of self love and encouraging everyone so that we all got as much as we could out of the session. I can't wait for future sessions.

"The session provided lots of enlightenment."

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Puja's warmth, energy, generosity, sense of humour and story made her presentation even more inspiring and powerful. What an incredible journey and an amazing woman.

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Loved my event with Puja - she has a calming and real personality and felt amazing afterwards. Thank you ❤️

dylan winn-brown

I took part in a group session with Puja and it was a great experience. I'll definitely be coming back for some coaching soon :)

jenny fox, nhs

I participated in the group sessions with Puja and found them so helpful. It was so impressive how she could change her focus so quickly and efficiently on to each individual, whilst at the same time using the session to help us all at the same time. She has helped me with a lot more personally and is always very prompt and so friendly in her responses. I started with the podcasts and I still listen to them a lot as they are so helpful and are so relevant to everyday life. Highly recommend this lovely lady.

"She treats everyone like it's a private session."

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