The best way to work with me is on a wellness retreat.

The aim of each trip is to give you rest, time for you to reconnect with yourself and be able to reset so that you can move in the direction of your goals.

Combine a retreat with one-on-one coaching sessions for a complete programme that will help you to implement the actions needed to bring your goals to life.

Wellness Retreats

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Life is busy. At a wellness retreat, you get to take a pause from your life by creating space to solely focus on yourself. This pause allows you to get super clear about what you want, what you need and how you’re going to do it.

You probably contend with so many demands in your day from hectic work schedules, social obligations, family commitments, time with friends and your own self-care.

These competing forces for your time and energy will leave you feeling both physically and mentally exhausted.

Over the years I’ve coached clients one-on-one and at retreats but the most transformational experiences happen by combining the two methods. This way, you get to raise your self-awareness, go deep within to uncover your true desires and then one-on-one coaching helps you to implement and achieve your goals.

Why A Wellness Retreat?

My wellness retreats are inspired by the teachings of Ayurveda and Yoga and therefore incorporate your mental, emotional, physical & spiritual wellbeing.

Whether you’re feeling burnt out, overwhelmed or exhausted by everyday life, my wellness retreats will nurture you and help you to feel happier and healthier. This is also your chance to work on something more specific in your work or personal life. Through coaching, positive psychology and NLP, I will guide you through your blocks and help you embrace your challenges with more confidence.

I am extremely dedicated to you living the life you’re meant to live and on your terms. You decide how deep you want to go. Some people want clarity for their next steps or goals, others may want to dive deeper into the unconscious and break free from negative feelings. At all times you are fully supported by my compassionate and mindful approach to your wellbeing and I will guide you safely towards your goals.

The wellness retreats are always fun, relaxing and rejuvenating.

Overview of the Wellness Retreat

I felt comfortable to open up and felt trusted from the outset. If you're looking to grow yourself and your mindset, Puja is a wonderful coach to work with.

The idea of carving some time for myself without feeling any guilt was very appealing - as was taking some time to actually think and ponder about issues I was facing. I really appreciate Puja's ‘no nonsense’ approach.


Retreat Testimonial

"More mindful, back on course!"

The core focus of any Wellness retreat that I host is to take time away from the stresses of daily life, so that you can gently go within and discover clarity, calm and focus.

What happens at a Retreat?

1. Time for rest

First, you get to have a complete break from your daily life. That means no work, no house work, no kids, no stressors, no obligations. I create the retreats so that everything is taken care of except the flights - and I help you with those too.

You must disconnect with your everyday life if you really want to change the things that you are struggling with.

At the retreat rest looks like gentle walks, fireside chats with other attendees, swimming, massage, sitting, reading, sleeping.

2. Time to reconnect

Through all of the curated activities we’ll do, you will be reconnecting to what makes you come alive. You will be able to understand what you really need to be at your best.

You will face your challenges by working through limiting beliefs and creating solutions to overcome them.

You will be stimulated by nature, the sun on your skin, the experiences, the food and the strategic activities that all contribute to your overall well-being.

3. Time to reset

After a week of indulging in yourself, you will have clarity towards your key stressors and how to navigate them better when at home.

You will be clearer in your goals and will start to create a plan of action that you can implement.

What’s most important is that by the end of the week, you will feel rested and accomplished so that you have clear direction and focus when you go back to your daily life. 

Here's a little taster of what to expect at a Frankly Unstoppable Wellness Retreat

spain 2019


ITALY 2023

One-on-one coaching (booked together)

All activities, guest experts and experiences

Coaching talks. workshops and resources

All excursions, their transfers and tips

All meals and snacks (usually tea, coffee, water & fruit)

En-suite accommodation in a single or twin occupancy room

What's Included?

I'm not very good at talking about my feelings with the people closest to me let alone people I'd just met so I was worried about being in a group and sharing. Puja had a special way of putting me at ease - I felt safe, un-judged and supported.

Some of the coaching sessions were challenging but being in a group became so much more rewarding than being on my own. I realised everyone else had their own stuff going on and it was much easier to be open when everyone else was to.

Thank you for being there at a time when I needed you more than I realised. Your wisdom, challenge, love and encouragement to be a better person will stay with me always. 

Bryony d.
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Retreat Testimonial

"The chance to just be me, be true and honest."