Hi, I'm Puja. Thanks so much for your interest in joining my free Wisdom Within session which takes place on Wednesdays at 7.30pm BST for 1 hour.

Wisdom Within is your chance to get support, gain wisdom and experience insights specifically for your work, health or relationships.

This is dedicated time to help you to keep moving towards your personal and professional success.

Wisdom Within

Session Overview


*All information that you provide in this form is confidential and will only be used in the session if you choose to share. I will use the themes from the answers you provide to create bespoke feedback in the session.

wednesdays | 7.30pm | 1 hour

My work is based around insight which creates powerful and transformational results. I use a variety of tools that include scientific and spiritual techniques. By combining modern coaching and holistic teachings from my Indian heritage, you will connect deeply with your Self and gain a nuanced understanding of your current goals and challenges.

In each session, you will enjoy a deep, relaxing meditation that improves self-belief, resilience and connection to the Self. With the information you provide on the intake form*, combined with the insights you gain from the meditation, I will help you to be guided towards your next steps. For deeper insight, I may also pull a card from a spiritual deck or I will ask you coaching questions that you can use to explore further on your own.

Whether you’re searching for answers to specific problems or want to know how to progress with something you want, these Wisdom Within sessions are designed to help you get some clarity to move you forward. Being in a like-minded group enhances the experience further through meaningful connection and creates a supportive environment to safely be yourself.