If you’re ready to break through the overwhelm you're feeling, create a life by design and be more fulfilled by your life and work, let’s talk and see if I’m the right Life and Business Coach for you.

Clients will tell you that I’m confident, ambitious, compassionate, fun to be around and results-driven. 

I discovered coaching following a breakdown that was caused by prioritising everything else in my life before myself. This was later diagnosed as depression and on my road to recovery, coaching was the catalyst that moved me forward.

Whilst I was striving in my career, hitting targets, getting results, I was never really happy. I struggled with my weight and could never find the time to focus on myself. My relationships suffered and yet I kept hitting other goals in my life like buying a home, a car, earning well. I never realised that something was wrong, until I did.

Life Coaching showed me how to take back control of my life. How to know my self-worth, what was really important to me and how I could pursue my goals without compromise.

Why I’m a Life and Business Coach

Hi, I’m Puja, a proud high-achiever and reformed perfectionist. I have been where you are and as a Life and Business Coach, it is my personal goal to help you become more fulfilled with your life.

I know how it feels to be overwhelmed and unfulfilled in the pursuit of your life goals. It can feel like something is holding you back from striving for more or that you cannot build enough balance.

As your Life and Business Coach, I will help you clear the fog of your struggles so that you can continue on your path to success.

You may just need someone in your corner who is impartial and non-judgemental. Someone that can provide support and accountability so that you feel more empowered in your life and work.

I have a straight-talking, personable coaching style that is always results-driven and compassionate so that clients have a safe place to share their goals and challenges.

Life and Business Coach

About Puja McClymont

My healing journey instilled a desire to help others the way I was helped. It made complete sense to me to become a Life and Business Coach. I set up my coaching practice to help high-achievers prevent burnout. 

Business Coaching excites me and clients benefit from my 20 years’ of marketing experience to help with their career and business goals.

• Travel: This was probably the most helpful. I was able to physically leave the stresses of daily life, and it helped me gain some much needed clarity.

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): Counselling helped me work through old wounds, understand my limiting beliefs and templates, and learn how to cope with them.

• Life Coaching and working with a NLP Practitioner: I worked with these for over a year. Seeing both therapists helped me to move forward with my life: I was able to re-frame deep-rooted thoughts about myself and my life.

My mission as a Life and Business Coach is and will always be to help others prevent burnout from life and work. To enjoy what life has to offer, to understand how to prioritise oneself and to show people that they have everything they need within, including happiness.

Before I became a Life and Business Coach, I began a journey to heal from depression. I worked with many different therapies to help me get better. These included:

Becoming a Life and Business Coach


I am a Member of the Association of Coaching and an approved member of the Life Coach Directory.

• BA (hons) Marketing & Business Law
• CPCAB Counselling skills
• NLP Life Skills
• BSC Wellbeing Coaching with CBT
• Dip Positive Psychology
• Currently studying diploma in Psychology 

My professional background is in Marketing with over 20 years in the Hospitality, Travel & Wellness industries. In my coaching practice, I use a combination of therapies to work through limiting beliefs and other challenges you face in your work and personal life.

The road to coaching began in 2012, and I am qualified in the following:

Life and Business Coach Qualifications