Meditations & Visualisations

In this relaxing and peaceful visualisation, you are invited to explore and discover what your truest desires are for creating and living your ideal life.

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This self-esteem relaxation can be used to promote positive self-image and help you fall asleep in a positive frame of mind. Relax with affirmations and deep breathing.

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The purpose of this peaceful place relaxation is to help you to imagine your own peaceful, safe place that you can visualise to help calm and relax your mind when stressed.

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This deeply relaxing meditation will take you on a journey to a far off place so that you can connect with your body, feel more at ease, calm, energised and refreshed.

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This relaxing guided meditation is designed to help you visualise and embody positive actions, changes, or accomplishments related to your authentic Self. 

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This meditation will help you to get in touch with your inner playfulness. You'll be relaxing your mind through visualisation, meditation, and guided imagery.

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This meditation allows you to relax by imagining each colour of the rainbow. By focussing on the colours, you will cultivate calm for deep peacefulness.

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This meditation helps with feelings of loneliness by increasing confidence, developing a strong sense of self, and getting ready to take action to decrease loneliness.

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Ideal day | Self-esteem
Peaceful Place | Deep Relaxation
Authentic Self | Becoming Playful
Calming Colour | Confident Self

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