Got Questions?



One-on-One Coaching
Payments are required in full or may be made in up to three instalments.
Proposals are valid for 7 days or as stipulated on your proposal.
Frankly Coaching Ltd reserves the right to amend fees and terms without prior notice.

Retreat + Coaching
Payment terms will be stipulated on each retreat page. In most cases you will be able to pay in instalments up to 3 months before a retreat takes place - just ask. Once your deposit is paid, you will start paying your instalments from the month following.

how does one-on-one coaching work?

One-on-one coaching takes place over Zoom video calls.

There will be inter-sessional work assigned in order to keep you moving forward with your goals. A minimum of 1 hour personal time is required each week to get the most out of any programme.

what are your coaching hours?

Client coaching takes place Tuesday-Friday from 9.30am-1:00pm. On Wednesdays, there is later availability until 4.30pm.

You will have access to my availability through my calendar.

I do not coach clients beyond 5pm. 

is your programme going to work?

Yes. 100%!

But only if you're ready to commit to the process and only if you want to live an excellent life.

Read through my testimonials here or on Google to see how I've helped many just like you.


Of course. The initial programme you purchase is for us to work within a specific timeframe to get you results. If you enjoy the benefits of coaching, then we can discuss additional sessions.