The SELF Care 101 Podcast is a conversational show for rebels and change-makers who want more from their lives by making a difference, brought to you by Life and Leadership coach Puja McClymont.

Expect a relaxed, fun, informative show, cutting through the noise of the wellness industry to help you with simple self-development through a blend of scientific and philosophical teachings.


SELF Care 101

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The Seasons

SELF Care 101 Podcast

The podcast is my labour of love. It's my favourite medium to connect with you. Through the seasons, the show epitomises growth, imperfection and ambition. We're all human, we all need a reset now and again and I have certainly shared my own journey of growth inside the SELF Care 101 podcast.

In seasons 1-3 you’ll find practical tips for effective SELF care, exploration of self-worth and how to create an extraordinary life.

In Season 4 there’s a mid-podcast wobble with a name change - we all have those moments! And we explore our SELF in more depth. 

I really hope it's helpful to you and that you enjoy it.

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